Coolfire Core helps teams make better, faster decisions.

Simplify how you manage tasks, communication, and workflow for your fast-moving teams. Automate manual work and get more done with Coolfire Core.

Get control of your bottom line

Seeing task lists, workflows, schedules, and communication in the same place helps you catch errors before they happen and proactively lead your team. 

Making standard operating procedures the standard

Enforce tasks and workflow when it’s required and give your team flexibility when it’s not. Track work progress and store it for future reference.

Operation teams that deliver right. On-time.

Confidently scale up operations, knowing every job gets done the right way. Inspect quality and guarantee customers satisfaction with frictionless data collection.

Keep your existing tech stack– just extend and enhance it

No need to rip and replace existing systems. Coolfire Core connects with any system, data source, or spreadsheet–getting your team the data they need.